Sunday, July 3, 2011

Christmas 2010

You can read all about our Christmas here. Here are the pictures from our fun!

Lucas and our cousin Liz. She is such a big helper and LOVES Lucas and Lucas LOVES Liz!
Lucas with GG and Pop
Grandaddy Jack loving on Lucas' toy elf.

John...basically I love to get pictures of him like this. He loves that I post them!
This is over at Mamaw and Papaw's house on Christmas Eve with the O'Neal clan. Rusty, Keith, Mamaw, Melissa with Langdon, Buddy, Colby, Jackson on the floor and Lucas playing in the bags.
Alli, Britney, and precious Avery
Papaw, Brantley, with adorable Camden

Camden - I just love those curls!
Rusty and Avery
Sweet Langdy-bug
We play games and this particular one we each had a different noise maker and we had to play the tune of a favorite Christmas song. Eric had the harmonica. Lucas is trying to help.
Here Lucas gives it a try. We each had a different guess, but I think it was a mixture of O Holy Night and Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree.


This was Lucas' "big" gift from Santa. Santa waited until 11:00 on Christmas Eve to put this together. Santa almost lost his religion putting together this "some assembly required" toy.

Lucas checking it out
There is a good reason why there are no pictures of Lucas actually IN the Cozy Coupe. He was terrified to get in the car! He loves it now, but that was a rough Christmas morning.

Langdon reaching deep to make sure she got everything out of her stocking
Lucas evidently was a little upset that he didn't get that pony he had been hoping for.
Poppa and Langdon
Jackson thanking EVERYONE for the great loot!
Nana and Lucas
Langdon is such a good Mama to her baby dolls.
Nana, Poppa, and the kiddos on the White Christmas!
Evidently I forgot to take pictures at my grandmother's house...oops!

We had a great Christmas celebrating with family. We both have big families and were able to see them all in those 2 days. It makes for some craziness along the way, but we wouldn't change it for the world. Mom went to the hospital right around Christmas, but God is good to us and protected her.

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