Saturday, January 1, 2011

Latest on Mom

First of all thank you SO much for all the prayers!! They worked!!

Mom is home! She came home yesterday with home health care coming out to assist with her nutrition IV. She had 2.5 L of fluid removed from her abdomen. This fluid was causing all her internal organs to be pushed upward and therefore she was not able to eat or drink. Before they removed the fluid her oncologist stated that more than likely the cancer had progressed and was causing all this fluid to collect in her abdomen (like it had in her lungs when she was first diagnosed). This news was very difficult to hear. Mom was a rock though. She was comforting the rest of us.

Once they removed the fluid mom was feeling much better a few hours later and was sitting up in a chair that afternoon. She has been eating small amounts of food and her nausea has been better. When she came home yesterday, she was exhausted, but still wanted to see Lucas who brightened her day considerably. She did get sick last night once, but has felt OK today, just very tired. She is getting nutrition through an IV for now until she can eat and keep food down for a couple days. The doctors are going to be keeping very close tabs on her.

She will leave on January 12-19 to go to MD Anderson in Houston, TX. If you don't know, this is an amazing hospital that specializes in all things cancer. Mom is hoping to see if there is a trial study that she can be a part. Her doctor is very good and he has encouraged her to go to see what is available. We trust her doctor here completely. He is a very good man and amazing physician. We just want to cover all our bases so to speak.

We are finally going to celebrate Christmas with her tomorrow. It was so good to see her at home! Thanks again for all the prayers. Please let me know if there is anything you are needing prayers for!

I cannot believe I forgot to put this in the original post: The fluid came back CANCER FREE!! God is so good!! Thanks so much for your prayers! They obviously worked!!