Sunday, July 3, 2011

Auburn National Championship Game

Eric had the pleasure of going to the National Championship game! To say that he had a good time would definitely be an understatement! He flew into Las Vegas and spent a couple days there with his sister, Melissa, and her husband, Keith. Keith was the one who was able to get the tickets (thanks Keith!) I had just started my new job at the time so I did not have the time off to go (boo!). Eric had a blast though as you can see from the pictures!

The flight attendant played "All I Do Is Win" for the passengers. Eric said it was 90% Auburn fans on the plane.

Keith, Melissa, and Eric at brunch
Las Vegas
Keith and Melissa
Aubie - even this Alabama girl LOVES Aubie
Yeah, you can be jealous of their seats

Eric and Jay - If you would like these amazing orange sunglasses (that Eric found at a restaurant) name your price...I will actually pay YOU to take them!
Keith, Melissa, and Eric

They had a great time and Eric promises me that he will take me to Vegas. I am sure that I will really have to twist his arm!


  1. So sad i didnt make the post....

  2. I totes led the plane in a bodda getta on the approach. It rocked.