Saturday, August 21, 2010


Well, I have been hit by the stomach bug. No fun! It really messed up plans for the weekend, too!
Eric and Lucas left this morning to go to Max's birthday party. He turned 3 this year! Happy Birthday Max!! Eric said it was a great time and that Lucas behaved himself really well. Always what a mother wants to hear. He has been pretty fussy the past few days due to teething, so I was glad that he did not show that side of himself at the party today. Max is such a precious little boy. His dad, Jeff, and Eric work together and we have gotten to know their family well over the years. They are a great family. They just welcomed precious Greenlee who has more jet black hair on her head than any other baby I have seen. She is beautiful. I know that all babies are beautiful, but Greenlee is gorgeous! Max is a really good big brother to her too.

Eric then took Lucas to stay with Nana and Papa (Eric's parents) while he goes to a wedding in Tuscaloosa for a high school friend/fraternity brother's wedding. I don't know how my VERY loyal Auburn Alumna husband is handling being in enemy territory, but I think he will find that Alabama has a pretty nice campus.

So I am sitting at home, although I was able to catch the 90210 marathon on Oxygen this morning. Guilty pleasures, although I did find myself going "This is ridiculous!" on more than one occasion. Eric has been wonderful taking care of me and leaving me alone, which is what I want when I am sick. Anyone else that way? I think I am on the upswing now's hoping anyway!

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  1. We missed you today!! So sorry you are sick. I hope tomorrow is a better day for you! It was great to see both your boys today. Lucas is too cute! Let's get together soon!