Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lucas' 9 month check up

Lucas turned 9 months on June 3rd. I can't believe how fast my baby is growing up. He is such a precious little boy. He was 19lbs 13 oz (50th percentile) and 90th percentile for height. He did really well until it was time for shots. Only two this time so that was good, but still he always looks at me like "Why are you letting them do this to me???" He is fine a minute later, but still it isn't fun at the time.

He is crawling everywhere. He does not sit still unless he is sleeping. He is so curious which is a nice way of saying that he is nosey. He loves to eat and is getting 3 meals a day of fruit/veggies. He still has 4 bottles a day. The pediatrician told us to move on to whole milk now and he has done great with the transition (it is also nicer on the wallet to not spend $25 on a container of formula anymore too!). He loves to watch Tucker and Tucker loves to entertain, so it is a good system. We often tell Tucker to stay out of Luke's face that he is licking.

He is saying "Dadadadada" all the time, but "mamamamama" is no where close. That is fine though. You should see Eric's face when Lucas says "Da Da", it is so sweet.

This little boy is such a joy and I LOVE being his Mommy.

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