Sunday, June 27, 2010

Grayton Beach

We went to the beach in April (gasp! I can't believe how far behind I am!) to celebrate Jackson's (our nephew) 4th birthday! We went to Grayton Beach, FL, which is right next to Sea Side. If you have heard of The Red Bar then this is Grayton. Eric's Aunt Debra has a gorgeous beach house right on the beach that she rents and then she also has a house that is a little off the beach. She owns a restaurant in Blue Mountain Beach off of 30A called JC's Off the Hook. If you are looking for an AMAZING restaurant that has a great family atmosphere this is the place to go. I promise it is not because I am really is fantastic!! Anyway, Eric and his family have been going to Grayton almost their entire lives and I fell in love with Grayton when Eric and I started dating way back in high school. If you are wanting to go to the beach without all the traffic, sitting on top of people at the beach, and want to have an amazing time with your family this is the beach for you!

Eric's parents, sister, brother-in-law, and their two children (Jackson and Langdon), and Eric's grandparents went to the beach earlier in the week. Since I had JUST started my new job we couldn't go down until the weekend, but it was so much fun! This was Lucas' first time to get the sand in between his toes and he LOVED every thing!! He ate the sand by the fist full...even after several attempts to get him to stop (I promise we are not the type of parents to just let our son eat sand and not try to stop him.). Here are some pics from our trip:

Sweet Landgon our niece

Lucas and Papaw

Eric and Jackson - the Birthday Boy

Debra and Lucas

The Birthday Boy and his new bike!!

Nana (Eric's mom) and Lucas

Loving eating the sand

Sweet Jackson and Langdon - such a beach bum/beauty

Just hanging out in the sun dome

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