Saturday, May 15, 2010


That's right my sweet baby boy had to get tubes last week. When he had 2 ear infections with one being a busted eardrum our pediatrician sent us to and ENT. So off we went to get checked out. When we arrived they immediately sent us for a hearing test with an audiologist. She had me and Lucas go in a room with 2 speakers on either side of the room. Lucas sat in my lap facing the corner with the speakers to our R and L. She then left the room and started making noises into a microphone that played through the speakers to see how high the volume had to be in order for Luke to turn his head toward the sound. The results were that he had mild to moderate hearing loss. Poor baby. The ENT told us that it was because he had so much fluid in his ears. It was like he was listening to the world under water. The doctor said that he doesn't ordinarily recommend tubes for someone Luke's age, but considering the 2 ear infections and the fact that Eric had tubes as a child (evidently this is hereditary) it would be best for Luke to get tubes. He said he would try to fit Luke in sometime that week. We met with the scheduling nurse who said the doctor could fit us in the next morning and to be back at 5:45 am. We were shocked that it was going to be that quick, but ready to get this behind us and have our happy baby back. If you have kids that have had ear infections you know that it isn't fun. Lucas had fever with the infections which made him feel miserable. (I did enjoy all the snuggle time that wrong??)

We arrived the next morning and signed in and waited. There were a ton of families there with young children. I didn't realize just how common this procedure was. Anyway, we were taken to a room and then not too long after they took Lucas back for the procedure. He only had to be given gas through a mask so no IV, which was nice. The nurse said the doctor would come back and talk to us as soon as the procedure was done. Well not 10 minutes go by - I'm serious - and he came to tell us that everything went great. They removed a lot of fluid from his ears and then placed the tubes. Luke did great. He was still lethargic when they brought him back and wasn't quite the happiest camper, but that all changed after we got home. He had a bottle and a long nap and after that...POOF...I have my baby back. It was amazing! He was his usual smiley self. I hadn't seen him that happy for 3 weeks. We are so greatful!

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  1. I am SO glad he is better! :) Beau & I both had tubes in our ears as children, so I'm betting Cooper will too. I had no idea this was hereditary.