Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

We celebrated Memorial Day this year at our house. My father-in-law, Buddy, came over to celebrate with us. Buddy supplied the ribs, which Eric did an amazing job grilling/smoking, and we supplied the baked beans and corn. I also made a delicious dessert that was SOOO easy even I couldn't mess it up! I got the dessert from, Cheryl, my mother-in-law.
I forgot to take pictures of the meal (sorry Eric!), but I did get a pic of the dessert:

Here's what you do:
1 packet sugar free vanilla pudding
1 Sara Lee frozen pound cake (you could make your own I suppose) cut into small bite size squares
3 Tbsp orange juice
Strawberries sliced
1 container Cool-Whip
Make pudding according to package
Put pound cake squares into a bowl and add orange juice. Toss to coat and allow pound cake to soak up the juice.
Once this step is complete alternate layers of pound cake, pudding, strawberries, blueberries.
Top with Cool-whip and berries to your heart's desire!

Lucas played hard outside with his Poppa and this is how he fell asleep. Too cute!

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