Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July and Papaw turns 85!!

Happy 4th of July everyone! I hope you enjoyed your day celebrating our Independence! We had a great time with family. We started off our day at my parents' house. Mom had surgery a few weeks ago on her left lung to keep fluid from collecting in the plura surrounding the lung, so she wasn't able to get out and about yet, but we had a good time visiting with my parents and John.

Pop and Lucas
GG and Lucas - I love this picture!
Dad, don't try to contain me!
Uncle John helping with eating some Jello.
Talking with Meme Jack on the phone

For Mother's Day my dad bought so many flowers for Mom to enjoy as she recovers from treatments. Isn't it gorgeous?!

Around lunch we headed over to the O'Neal's. Buddy and Cheryl put together quite the spread!
We also added to our celebration with Papaw turning 85 years young on the 5th. He is amazing! He can do anything! I love his hands. They are hands that have worked hard to provide for his family and yet he is one of the most gentle and kind men I have ever known. He has such a servant's heart and will do anything for anyone. We love you Papaw!

I mean, how cute is this couple?
Julie (Eric's sister), Hannah (our niece), and Lucas
Hannah and Lucas - Lucas LOVES him some Hannah!

Very impressive Buddy!

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