Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Update on Mom

Mom is doing well. She finished her last round of chemo today! She has been going for treatments 1x/month with weekly blood tests. It is a relief to have this round behind her. She will have a CT scan in the next few weeks which will tell us if there are any other areas that detect cancer.

Her CA125 is in the 60s which is not in the normal range, but it has been coming down steadily. There have been a few jumps back up, but typically it drops. Normal is under 35, but to be honest her doctor is surprised she is under 70 so this is good news.

She has an appointment January 13, 2011 with MD Anderson in Houston, TX. I am sure you have heard of MD Anderson since it is the foremost authority on all things cancer related. This is just to see if there is anything else that she can be doing or if there are any clinical trials she can become a participant. There is no cure (as of yet) for ovarian cancer, so we are just covering our bases. Her doctor here is such an amazing man. He in no way is offended by her wanting to go to Houston. In fact, he is encouraging her because in his eyes it lets him know if there is anything else he needs to be aware of.

She is tired, and of course she is tired of being tired. My mother has been dealing with cancer for over a year and some days it takes its tole. She remains in good spirits though and has a faith that is unshakable! She is a remarkable woman who continues to love God and knows that He is with her.

Please continue to pray for my mother. Thank you!


  1. Praying for your mama, Heather! Thankful to hear she is done with this round of chemo for sure!!!

    I know a couple who travel from Athens to Houston to treat his very rare form of cancer. They have an apartment there and I'm sure know the ins and outs of hospitals, etc.

    They have a page on facebook: "Pray for Will and Emily Haney"

    They are some of the sweetest people you will ever meet, so if you guys have ANY questions, I'm sure they will be more than glad to share.

  2. Thanks for updating us!! She and the rest of you all are in my prayers! Lots of love, Sara