Saturday, October 30, 2010


Lucas' birthday was so much fun! We had a Surfin' Safari themed birthday party with family. It was a ton of fun! Our camera died during the party so I do not have any pictures from my camera, but I will get some from my mother-in-law to post. We had a kiddie pool set up in the back for all the cousins to play. We had so many family members here to celebrate our little man. Here is the run down (this list is more for me for later so I can remember so feel free to skip this part):
Nana and Poppa (Eric's parents), G.G and Pop (my parents), Mamaw and Papaw (Eric's grandparents), Mimi George (my grandmother), Meme and Grandaddy (my grandparents), Melissa, Jackson (4), and Langdon (1.5) (Eric's sister and her family), Julie and Hannah (9) (Eric's sister and her daughter), John (my brother), Bob, Bobbie, and Briana (my uncle, aunt, and cousin), Berniece, Jim, Mandy, Kimberly and Liz (6) (my aunt, uncle, and cousins), Britney, CJ and Avery (3 mo) (Eric's cousin and her family), Brantley, Ali and Cam (1) (Eric's cousin and his family) Whew 29 people there to celebrate!!

We served BBQ, baked beans (thanks Mamaw!), Chinese slaw (thanks Meme!), potato salad (thanks Mimi!), and of course the cake. Let me tell you about this cake! A HUGE shout out to my mother-in-law, Cheryl (aka Nana) for this cake!! She is so talented and we tell her all the time that she needs to go into business for this! She made a 2 tier cake complete with "sand" and surf boards! I will HAVE to post pictures because it was incredible! I will dedicate a post to just Cheryl's cakes soon so you can see how talented she is!

Lucas did not disappoint with eating his cake. He was a little slow to start, but Mommy and Daddy helped out. Lucas and I helped "share" cake with Daddy and smashed it in Eric's face. Then, not to be outdone, Eric smashed cake in my face when I wasn't paying attention.

Lucas received SO MANY wonderful gifts! Everyone was so generous! He LOVES all of them. He played and played that night with all his treasures.

Eric and I feel so blessed to have this little boy entrusted to us. We are humbled to be his parents. We both feel that he is the best thing that has ever happened to us and has helped both of us grow so much. It is sometimes hard to be parents, of course, but we would not trade those hard moments for the world. He can brighten any day with just a smile, which he does all the time. We love you Lucas and can't wait to see what God has in store for you!

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