Saturday, August 14, 2010


This seems to be the theme of this blog lately is just updating...I need to be better about that!
Sorry that I haven't updated in a while especially since the last blog was sorta sad.

Mom is feeling much better. The new chemo gave her HORRIBLE mouth ulcers. She was prescribed medicine that worked for about an hour and then wore off, but she could only take it every 4 hours so that was just great. Bless her heart, between the awful nausea she had from the old chemo treatments to the ulcers in her mouth she lost about 20 lbs in about a month. For a person on chemo this is NOT a good thing. She needs to keep her strength up and eat. She heard from the doctor that she could actually take the medicine every 5 minutes if she wanted to as long as she didn't swallow the medicine and just swished. This made a world of difference and her mouth is healed PRAISE GOD!! She only has to go once a month for treatments and then weekly blood work. Her CA 125 is down to 104!!! YAY!!! God is so good!

We just got back from the beach with Eric's family. We go once a year to Grayton Beach, FL (next to Seaside). We stay at his Aunt Debra's beach house that she rents (sleeps 20). It is right on the beach so it is absolutely gorgeous. The water was beautiful other than some seaweed right up front, but once you passed that part it was gorgeous. No oil. GO TO THE BEACH!! His family arrived on Thursday and we came down the following Wednesday thru Saturday. So it was a short trip for us (don't you feel horrible for the rest of his family having to stay at the beach for 10 days??), but just what we needed. It is nice to get away.

The crew consisted of Eric's parents (Nana and Papa), his grandparents (Mamaw and Papaw), his sister and her family (Melissa, Keith, Jackson, and Langdon), and his Uncle Rusty and Aunt Debra and cousin Colby who live in Grayton. Debra and Colby own a restaurant called JC's Off the Hook. It is off of 30A and you HAVE to go there if you are in the Destin/Panama City/Seaside/Grayton area. Rusty runs the kitchen and it is FANTASTIC food!! VERY reasonably priced too.

While we were there we surprised Eric's mom, Cheryl, for her birthday. Her birthday is August 25th, but since all of us were together we wanted to make this the celebration especially since it is her 60th birthday. (Don't be mad Cheryl - you don't look a day over 35!) She was shocked. Eric and his sister and their dad had been working for weeks planning this behind her back. We had the party at JC's and it was a blast. Buddy, Eric's dad, gave her a beautiful necklace with her birthstone and us kids/grandkids gave her a Kitchen Aid mixer. She has been commenting for years that she wanted one of the big stand mixers so we decided that this was the year! We had ulterior motives in giving her this gift though. She makes the best cakes and is fantastic at decorating, so we wanted her to have the best so that we could have the best!

Lucas had a blast playing with his cousins. Jackson and Langdon were so sweet with him too. He did not stop moving unless it was to eat or sleep. He was spoiled rotten by his family, but we wouldn't have it any other way. Jackson and Langdon were so much fun. Jackson turned 4 in April and Landgon turned 1 in February. It is so much fun to watch these kids grow. They are precious and so much fun. I was stupid and forgot my camera at home (UGH!!), but everyone else got some great photos so I will post those when I get them.

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